Creating and Assigning Classification Rules/Automations.

Created by Richard Pasquin, Modified on Fri, 09 Feb 2024 at 03:02 PM by William Kinash

Step 1

 If you are in the Home page, head to the Automations tab.

Step 2

 On the Automations page, click on the +Classification Automation button to create a classification rule.

Step 3

You will have the option to create an automation at a Portfolio or Connection level. Create your automation rule (classification rule) name, description, select the wallets for the rule (if connection as the automation scope), then select the sources. In this example, we chose to name the rule "Staking Income" since we will classify this rule based on a wallet address that is used for staking. 

Please note for the Automation Scope, Connection level will take priority over Portfolio level for any classifications across your portfolio.

Step 4

 Click on the blue "Next" button and you will now be asked to select your rule criteria. The rule criteria is there to allow you to assign the rule to transactions meeting multiple conditions. In this case, we will assign the rule criteria to Transaction Type "Receive" and Contract Address (contract of the staking pool in this example). After adding your criteria designations, unless you'd like to add more criteria designations, click on Next.

Step 5

 You will be asked to tie the classification rule to one of your existing classifications. In this example, we are mapping our newly created classification rules and criteria to our Staking Income classification.

Step 6

Click on Next after selecting your classification.

Step 7

Review your classification rule and assigned criteria, if there is a mistake you can select the back button to revise. Otherwise, if everything looks correct, click on Confirm to activate the classification rule.

Your rule criteria is now updated.

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